drawing_of_venus_flytrapThat plant may be smarter than you think.
The meat-eating Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) can actually COUNT! CS Monitor

When a bug (okay, insect if you need to be precise) brushes up against one of the Venus Flytrap’s sensitive trigger hairs, nothing happens outwardly. The bug hits a hair again and the trap closes. The more it struggles, the more the plant is stimulated to continue the digestion process.

So why is that so remarkable or (gulp) smart? It’s because if a mote of dust or a leaf fell on the plant’s sensor hair, it would have wasted energy trying to digest something that was not nutritious. It learned and evolved over time, that more activity on the part of its prey, is better.

What’s curious is that the “Venus” Flytrap is only native on this planet to a certain small area in North Carolina, site of an ancient METEOR IMPACT CRATER!

Haha, I remember reading this in a John Keel book:

The famous Venus’s-fllytrap, a bug-consuming plant, has been found growing naturally in only one spot on the earth. That spot is an ancient meteor crater in North Carolina. Colonial Governor Arthur Dobbs discovered the flytrap in 1760, and there has been much speculation since then that the plant was somehow introduced to our world by a crashing meteor.

Hardly, but it’s a fun myth.


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