Radio source SHGb02+14a

This extraterrestrial radio signal was received in 2003 by SETI@home. It was detected three times. Its frequency was on or about the favored frequency of 1420 MHz.

BUT, it was not near a star (the nearest one was about 1000 light years out). The signal also had a lot of signal drift (likely due to some kind of Doppler shift).

One scientist remarks, “if [the aliens] are so smart, they’ll adjust their signal for their planet’s motion.”

But if that drift is due to a planet’s rotation, then the planet would be rotating at 40 times the rate of our Earth.

Do you see the assumptions that are being made here?

– Our alien friends would only be able to adjust their signal for their planet’s motion, if they were interested in transmitting in a specific direction; otherwise there’s no reason to adjust. And the signal drift may be part of the message: they have a fast orbit.

– However there is no star, and therefore no planet to cause any drift. How do we know that that equals “no aliens”? If they are voyaging from one star to another, then of course the signal will not be near any star.

– So the drift may be from some other movement of the source. Starship? Maybe. SETI doesn’t seem to have an alternative explanation prepared. Food for thought.


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